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AcuRite 8" Starburst Thermometer

AcuRite Starburst Thermometer, 8-1/2" Diameter. This thermometer is a warmer beige color with a starburst design in the center. At 8-1/2 Inches in diameter, this thermometer is a great choice for locations where a larger thermometer would look out of place. The border is a very handsome but rustic antique look that will compliment any patio, pool or summer home!
Product Description
8-1/2 diameter thermometer
Dial Markers read from -60 degrees F to +120 degrees F
Molded weather resistant case
Wall Mount
For indoor or outdoor use

How To Use Tips
Outdoor clocks, thermometers and hygrometers will let you keep track of essential weather information while in the yard, and they can do it in style! Outdoor Thermometers and hygrometers are fun and functional additions to your outdoor living space. Most outdoor thermometers have large numerals that are easy to read from a distance. Knowing the temperature is an important part of caring for your garden. Plants are sensitive to cold weather and the ground can quickly dry out in a heat wave. Know the current humidity with a hygrometer. Keep outdoors year round, and choose an outdoor thermometer design that is fun, traditional, or contemporary to suit your tastes and complement your garden decor.

SKU 661763
Manufacturer AcuRite
Size 8"