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GardenTech Daconil Fungicide, Concentrate, Pint

Daconil Fungicide Concentrate, 16 oz.
Gardentech Daconil Concentrate 16 oz. A broad spectrum fungicide for use in controlling a wide range of diseases on vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, and ornamentals. Makes up to 64 gallons of diluted spray.
Prevent leaf & blossom blights, rusts, molds, leaf curls, shothole, and lawn diseases with this versatile, multi-purpose fungicide. It's great for shade trees and fruit trees, including apricots, and a host of garden vegetables. Don't apply to varieties not listed. Not compatible with aluminum-based fungicides.

How To Use Tips
Fungal diseases appear in many forms. They attack flowers and shrubs with fancy names like powdery mildew, rust, scab, leaf curl and black spot. No matter what you call them, including some names we can't print here, they are the bad guys! Fortunately, you can do something about them. Before investing in fungicides, be sure your problem isn't caused by poor cultural practices. Avoid overhead sprinkling of snapdragons, roses, hedges and periwinkle (vinca) especially during hot weather or during humid conditions. Most fungus diseases need a combination of heat, humidity and darkness to develop. Remove any one of these and no disease! Sucking and chewing insects can also spread fungus and viral disease. Control them and lessen chances for disease infestation. Check our complete line of insecticides to control the critters! It's best to use eye protection when spraying and apply on calm days to prevent drift and waste. As always, read label before use and follow directions exactly. If not sure of your problem, contact your agricultural extension agent for advice before buying any product!
SKU 720206
Manufacturer Gardentech
Size pint (16 oz.)