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Monterey Liqui-Cop Fungicide Spray, Pint

Monterey Brand Liqui-Cop, Liquid Fungicide Spray Concentrate, 1 pint. Gives excellent control of common fungal diseases on fruit, nut and citrus trees. Makes more than 16 gallons of spray.
Product Description
This copper-based fungicide is especially effective in control of leaf curl, shot hole fungus, blossom blights and rots of almonds, apricots, cherries, citrus, peaches and walnuts. Unlike sulfur-based fungicides, it can be applied in hot weather and in the sun. Soak top and bottom leaf surfaces completely. Use at the highest indicated rate per crop when disease is present. Not compatible with aluminum or sulfur-based fungicides. Apply with a hose-end sprayer or tank sprayer for best results. Wear eye protection and don't use on windy days. Read entire label before use and follow directions exactly.

How To Use Tips
Fungal diseases appear in many forms. They show up in turf as brown patch, summer patch, pythium blight, leaf spot and fusarium blight. They attack flowers and shrubs with fancy names like powdery mildew, rust, scab, leaf curl and black spot. No matter what you call them, including some names we can't print here, they are the bad guys! Fortunately, you can do something about them. Before investing in fungicides, be sure your problem isn't caused by poor cultural practices. Avoid overhead spraying of snapdragons, roses, hedges and periwinkle (vinca) especially during hot weather or during humid conditions. Water lawns in the early morning, not in the evening. Fungus needs a combination of heat, humidity and darkness to develop. Remove any one of these and no disease! Be sure your irrigation system is properly tuned to avoid dry patches in the lawn. These patches mimic fungus disease and will cause you unnecessary expense. Sucking and chewing insects can also spread fungus and viral disease. Control them and lessen chances for disease infestation. Check our complete line of insecticides to control the critters!

Product Specifications
Active ingredient: Copper, metallic 8%
Inert ingredients 92%

SKU 723167
Manufacturer Monterey
Size 1 pint