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Bayer Complete Insect Killer Concentrate, 40 oz.

Bayer Complete Insect Killer for Soil & Turf Concentrate, 40 oz., contains Bayer’s exclusive 2-way formula to achieve true maximum protection from insects that attack from above the ground and the ones that attack from below. It’s fast acting and long lasting with up to 90 days of subsurface insect protection
This product offers a new, more effective way to control the insects that want to destroy your prized lawn, roses, flowers, and other ornamental plants. The unique two-way blend of insecticides controls current insect pest problems and prevents reinfestations for up to 90 days. The residual component is systemic and actually absorbed by the plant. Rain or water cannot wash off this internal protection. Insects are killed when they come into contact with the product or when they attempt to eat the plant. This bottle makes up to 80 gallons of spray solution.

How To Use Tips
Begin use when insects or damage first appear. For grub prevention and control of newly hatched larvae, apply May through July. Contact your County Extension Agent for the ideal dates to apply in your area. Use on Lawns, Flower Beds, Ground Covers, Trees & Shrubs and along building foundations. Kills more than 50 common and difficult to control insects A variety of application methods like a hose end sprayer, tank spray or hand sprayer can be used. Check our listings for these items and more! It's best to use eye protection when spraying and apply on calm days to prevent drift and waste. As always, read the entire label before use and follow directions exactly. For folks who prefer to use a granulated product that can be spread like fertilizer, we offer a 10 lb bag as well.

Active ingredients:
Imidacloprid: 0.72% (The chemical name for Merit)
B-Cyfluthrin: 0.36% (The chemical name for Tempo Ultra)
SKU 720168
Manufacturer Bayer
Size 40 oz.