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Check out our Cold Season category where you can find many of the solutions to your yearly winter problems. We carry a wide variety of products for the cold season starting with simple Tube Pipe Insulation for your pipes, also available in a Self Sealing option. Or if you're looking for Foil Backed Pipe Wrap, we have that too. We have insulated covers for your Backflow Preventers (PVB) in a three sizes so you can choose the one to fit your needs! Don’t forget to cover and protect your Hose Bibs with our Hose Faucet Protectors.

To help protect your plants from frost damage we offer several options including Burlap, N-Sulate Fabric and Palm Parkas. For your smaller plants, annuals and perennials, or those set out a little early in the spring that require a little protection, check out the Hot Kaps. Don’t forget that a good layer of mulch will also help to protect roots from the cold weather.

Shop Star we have what you need to keep your lawn and garden protected throughout the Cold Season!

  1. 10 mil Pipe Wrap
    10 mil Pipe Wrap
    SKU: 974024
  2. 15' Foil Back Pipe Wrap
    15' Foil Back Pipe Wrap
    SKU: 985110
  1. 20 mil Pipe Wrap
    20 mil Pipe Wrap
    SKU: 974025
  2. 20 mil Pipe Wrap (Case of 40)
    20 mil Pipe Wrap (Case of 40)
    SKU: 974025C
  1. Burlap 3' x 12'
    Burlap 3' x 12'
    SKU: 840375
  2. Burlap 3' x 24'
    Burlap 3' x 24'
    SKU: 840377
  1. Duct Tape
    Duct Tape
    SKU: 985135
  2. FrostBite Hose Faucet Protector
    FrostBite Hose Faucet Protector
    SKU: 985152
  1. Hot Kaps Plant Protectors
    Hot Kaps Plant Protectors
    SKU: S859938
  2. N-Sulate Fabric, 10' x 12'
    N-Sulate Fabric, 10' x 12'
    SKU: 840385
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