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Dr. Q's Plant Tonic, 4 oz.

Dr. Q's Plant Tonic, 4 fl oz. Star Nursery's own proprietary blend of chelated nutrients in a soil activating, bio-stimulant base prevents transplant shock, quickly builds viable root systems and helps revitalize stressed plants. It doesn't get any better.

Try Dr. Q's Plant Tonic - Helps reestablish root systems on over watered plants.

Product Description
Dr. Q's Plant Tonic is a special blend of chelated nutrients and signaling molecules from all-natural sources. The patented, soil activating bio-stimulant base, known as Mycorrcin, contains signaling molecules and bacteriocins. The signaling molecules in this product are the same as those secreted by plant cell walls to initiate root growth and flowering. The bacteriocins are protein like structures that kill certain pathogenic bacteria. The special formula in this unique product enables new plants to quickly build viable root systems and helps reestablish root systems on over watered plants. When Dr. Q's Plant Tonic is used on plants suffering from summer or winter stress, the results are remarkable! Just add 1 teaspoon to 1 gallon of water. It's dynamite as a soil drench, but makes a highly effective foliar spray as well. Use it monthly on container plants, or use it to kick-start bare root plants prior to planting. In short, use Dr. Q's Plant Tonic as a fertilizer supplement on just about everything! If it sounds a bit like "snake oil", note that we have placed our name and logo on this product. We don't do this lightly! Dr. Q's Plant Tonic has been field tested and proven, and we believe it is the best plant starter and fertilizer supplement on the market today. It doesn't burn, doesn't pollute, has all natural ingredients, suppresses harmful organisms and helps build poor soils while taking care of your plants.

How To Use Tips
When planting new trees, shrubs, flowers or vegetables, use Dr. Q's Plant Tonic in conjunction with Star Nursery's Planting Partners, Gold Dust Starter Fertilizer and Paydirt Premium Planting Mix and Mulch. This blend of spectacular Star products will give the best results ever! Avoid over watering new plants. Before planting, check the drainage by filling each hole with water. If it drains completely in less than 3 hours, you're in good shape. If water remains, consider drilling a drainage hole to siphon off excess water, or planting in a soil mound to insure proper drainage. Check our list of irrigation supplies to fill your sprinkler and drip irrigation requirements. We also have a complete line of hoses, hose accessories and tools for all your gardening needs.

SKU 590200
Manufacturer Seasource
Size 4 oz.