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BEST TRIPLE PRO 15-15-15, 50 LB.

Best Triple Pro 15-15-15, 50 lb.

Best Triple Pro 15-15-15 fertilizer, 50 lb. bag. Multi-purpose homogeneous pelleted fertilizer for use on trees, shrubs, grass, vegetables, fruits and citrus. Great for pre-plant fertilizing.

One 50-LB. bag covers 7,500 SQ. FT.
Product Description
BEST Triple Pro 15-15-15 fertilizer is a homogeneous pellet in a 1:1:1 ratio. Contains urea and ammoniacal nitrogen plus sulfur. An economical fertilizer as a preplant or for application to turfing, trees, ornamentals, citrus and vegetables.
Contains all nutrients in each pellet (homogeneous) which prevents streaking due to particle segregation.
Is a uniform 1:1:1 that contains equal amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash plus Sulfur.
Good all-around fertilizer for most applications.
Contains high Phosphate and Potash for excellent preplant results.

What The Primary Nutrients do:
Plants need nitrogen to produce and maintain healthy leaves. Phosphorus promotes strong root growth and flower formation. Potash (potassium) is needed for strong plant structure and resistance to summer and winter stress.

How To Use Tips
Apply at any time except when the temperature is consistently over 90 degrees or when drought conditions exist. When under heat or cold stress, its best to let your plants rest and not feed them.
Don't apply fertilizer to wet foliage. Immediately after application, water thoroughly to wash the product from leaves and get it into the root zone where it is needed.
Add an occasional dose of a fertilizer supplement like Ironite to supply needed micronutrients necessary for complete plant health. One or two applications over the course of the growing season is normally sufficient.
If plants are showing signs of severe chlorosis (yellow leaves with dark green veins) apply a chelated iron product like KeRex to correct the condition. Be sure the soil isnt too wet first. Saturated soil prevents plant roots from breathing properly and taking up nutrients. Applying an iron supplement to excessively wet soil or over watered plants will have no effect.

Product Specifications
Total Nitrogen (N) - 15%
--- 15% ammoniacal nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5) - 15%
Soluble Potash (Potassium) (K20) - 15%
Sulfur (S) 9%
Derived from: Ammonium Sulfate, Diammonium Phosphate, Urea, and Muriate of Potash.

1 cubic ft. PayDirt fertilizer
SKU 564545
Manufacturer Best
Size 50 lb.