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BEST NITRA KING 19-4-4, 50 LB.

Best Nitra King 19-4-4, 50 lb.

BEST Nitra King 19-4-4 with 2.2% Iron, 50 lb. bag. A cool season fertilizer with 4.0% Nitrate Nitrogen. Homogenous pellets.
A professional fertilizer containing the proper ratio of nitrogen, phosphate, potash, iron, calcium, and sulfur.
Contains only enough nitrate nitrogen (4.0%) for quick green-up of turf. Minimizes nitrogen loss from nitrate leaching.
The high iron (2.2%) formula provides deep green color.
The iron in NITRA KING is part of a homogeneous pellet which virtually eliminates the possibility of staining valuable concrete walks, driveways, cart paths, mow strips, etc.
Lasts weeks longer than the calcium nitrate products.

ONE 50-LB. BAG COVERS 10,400 SQ. FT.
SKU 564650
Manufacturer Best
Size 50 lb.