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DR. Q'S CITRUS FOOD 14-7-7, 20 LB.

Dr. Q's Citrus Food 14-7-7, 20 lb.

Dr. Q's Citrus Food, 14-7-7, 20 lbs. A patented blend of primary and micronutrients in Dr. Q's special fertilizer provides the perfect balance for vigorous, leafy growth and strong citrus fruit development. Try it; you'll come back for more!


Provides the perfect balance for citrus fruit development. Try this fertilizer for citrus trees today!

Use Dr. Q's Citrus Food so all your dwarf and full-size citrus trees will produce a juicer, tastier and more plentiful crop. Its 14-7-7 formula (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) provides just the right balance for vigorous, leafy growth plus strong fruit development. Essential micronutrients calcium, iron, manganese and zinc are combined in a unique sucrate formula that encourages plants to absorb them more quickly. Dr. Q's Citrus Food consists entirely of homogeneous, controlled-release granules. This simply means that every fertilizer pellet contains all the nutrients, rather than a mix of different kinds of nutrient pellets in the same bag. In other words, it's all in there!
What the primary nutrients do: Plants need nitrogen to produce and maintain healthy leaves. Phosphorus promotes strong root growth and flower production. Potassium is needed for strong plant structure and resistance to summer and winter stress. These nutrients are combined at just the right ratio for citrus trees.
Dr. Q's Citrus Food also contains a combination of unique soil conditioners. It's the smart, safe way to feed your plants and bring your soil to life at the same time. Specific instructions on when to apply, how to apply and how much to use are found on the back of each bag.

How To Use Tips
Dwarf Citrus does very well in containers. Redwood tubs are best, but decorative pots will do just fine. Transplant into a pot twice as wide and about 6 inches deeper than the plant's original container. Use a good, all-purpose potting mix and add a little sand for body if necessary. During fall and winter months in cooler climates, potted citrus can be moved indoors or into the garage on sub-freezing nights, and put on the patio or porch during warmer days. Don't leave indoors all winter, or plants may be tricked into believing it's spring and flower prematurely.

SKU 577047
Manufacturer Seasource
Size 20 lb.