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Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food 24-8-16, 1.5 lb.

Miracle-Gro All Purpose, Water Soluble Plant Food, 24-8-16, 1.5 lb. This complete plant food is the most widely recognized and used fertilizer of its type on the market today.
Product Description
Miracle-Gro All Purpose, Water Soluble Plant Food (24-8-16) is the most widely recognized and used fertilizer of its type on the market today. Through research and demonstrated performance, it has satisfied millions of gardeners for many years. It can feed through leaves and roots simultaneously and produces quick response from flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees and house plants. Miracle-Gro provides a balanced formula of primary nutrients combined with essential micro nutrients for vigorous, healthy plant growth as well as superior flower and fruit production. Use the handy application table on each box to determine the amount of solution to use for any kind of indoor/outdoor or potted plant. How much to mix? It's easy-one tablespoon per gallon for outdoor plants; 1/2 teaspoon per half-gallon for indoor plants.

What the primary nutrients do: Plants need nitrogen to produce and maintain healthy leaves. Phosphorus promotes strong root growth and flower production. Potash (potassium) insures strong plant structure and increases resistance to stress and disease.

How To Use Tips
Alternate feedings between soil and foliage for superior results. Apply with a watering can over-the-top of flowering plants for immediate foliar feeding and longer term root feeding at the same time. If fertilizing shrub, vegetable or flower beds, try the convenient Miracle-Gro No-Clog 4 in 1 Feeder. Just fill the jar with a handy reload packet from this package, attach feeder to the hose, turn it on, and spray! Attach a water wand for hanging baskets and hard-to-reach plants. If you have evergreens or acid-loving plants, check out Miracle-Gro for Azaleas, Camellias, and Rhododendrons. For Roses, give Miracle-Gro for Roses a try. Whatever you grow in your house or yard, there's a Miracle-Gro product to take care of it! To protect against leaf scorch, don't apply directly to leaves in full sunlight or during the hottest part of the summer. Protect your plants with a layer of mulch in summer or winter to protect from severe weather and give good, natural weed control.
SKU 587215
Manufacturer Scotts
Size 1.5 lb.