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Plastic Hose Shut Off Coupling

Orbit SunMate Plastic Hose Shut-Off Coupling. Operates as a shut-off valve for hose sprinklers. Use at the hose faucet connection or at the end of a sprinkler to adjust flow control from off to full flow.

Operates as a shut-off valve for hose sprinklers.

Product Description
Operates as a shut-off valve for hose end attachments and accessories
3/4" National hose thread connects to any standard faucet and garden hose
Adjustable flow control
Non-corrosive plastic construction
For outdoor use with cold water only

How To Use Tips
Hose end accessories and repair parts can be value assets to your garden tools and can make watering the garden easier. A gardener has the option of utilizing many different attachments with a hose, such as timers and nozzles to help you water the garden, lawn or even wash the car.
Garden hose nozzles and wands are a great accessory for your garden maintenance. For gentle watering, especially on delicate plants, select a shower head style water nozzle. For power washing and spraying streams of water, select one of the sweeper nozzles or aqua guns. Some of the aqua guns have adjustable dial settings, including shower spray, power wash, flat stream, and more, so you can select the spray needed for each use. Watering wands are great for watering hanging baskets and plants that are hard to reach. Some of these come fitted with easy to use pistol grips, so you can adjust the rate of flow through the wand. Hose shut-off valves are one of the best hose end accessories. They allow you to adjust the flow or temporarily stop the flow of water at the nozzle hose end. Hose wyes and manifolds, allow you to connect multiple hoses to the hose faucet. Other hose end accessories include hose end sprinklers. Use for watering lawns, groundcovers, or gardens. Select the sprinkler that best suit your needs, set pattern, adjustable pattern, impact, oscillating, or twirling. Distances of sprays vary with each sprinkler type.
Timers that fit directly on the hose faucet and connect to the garden hose can be practical and very useful. These can be set to water your garden for you!
Replacement and repair parts for hoses can extend the life of the garden hose. Replace male and or female ends quickly and easily. For holes in the middle of the hose, use the hose repair coupling.
SKU 790265
Manufacturer Orbit