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Dr. Q's Emerald Carpet Grass Seed, 5 lb.

Dr. Q's Emerald Carpet Lawn Seed Mixture, 5 lbs. A mixture of turf type grasses containing dwarf turf type tall fescue. This one is so good we put our name on it! It produces a deep green fescue turf with finer blades, grows much slower than standard fescue grasses and needs less water and mowing to look its best. New lawn coverage 500 sq ft.
Product Description
We're so proud of this superior Fescue seed that we have made it our own. Years of research and testing have proved it worthy of the Star Nursery name and we're pleased to offer it for your use. The slow growth rate and rich green color will give you the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood! Fine grass blades and slow growth rates give excellent rewards in the form of lower water bills as well as less mowing and fertilizing. With less frequent mowing and fewer grass clippings for disposal this grass is easier on the environment and the pocketbook! All fescue will grow tall eventually. In this case, it takes twice as long for the grass to reach the tall category as standard tall fescue brands. Emerald Carpet has been specially treated to improve germination and retard pests and disease. It's certified free of noxious weeds and has a germination rate of 90%. The 750 sq ft of coverage on the bag refers to over seeding an existing lawn. Stick to the 1 lb per 100 sq ft formula for all new lawns!

How To Use Tips
When seeding a new lawn, you will find that soil preparation and watering are the keys to success. Loosen soil at least 4" deep by rototilling or spading. Remove large rocks and other debris; sifting is not necessary. In arid desert climates, add organic soil amendments at the rate of 2 cu ft per 30 sq ft of surface area. In areas where there's lots of naturally occurring organic matter, you can skip this step. Broadcast a starter fertilizer like Dr. Q's Seed & Sod Starter at the rate of 1 Lb per 250 sq ft. Next, broadcast your seed at the 1 lb per 100 sq ft rate. Don't mix the two together in the same spreader since pellet/seed sizes will make the application spotty and uneven. Finally, cover your seed with steer manure or top dressing. A 1/8" to 1/4" covering is quite sufficient. A thicker covering will cost more and might smother your seed. There's nothing worse than having to do a job over! Following these tips will help you get it right the first time. Once the seed is covered, keep it moist at all times until it sprouts. Check our complete line of dual-purpose spreaders to evenly spread seed and fertilizer.

SKU 610300
Manufacturer Barenbrug
Size 5 lb.