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Dr. Q's Triple Play Lawn & Plant Fertilizer 7-7-7, 20 lb.

Dr. Q's Triple Play Multi-Purpose Lawn and Plant Fertilizer, 7-7-7, with 7% Iron, 20 lb. Condition the soil and feed your plants and lawn at the same time!


Triple Play is the plant fertilizer ideally suited for use on everything you grow outdoors.

Triple Play is a multi-purpose plant food, turf fertilizer and soil conditioning (pre-plant) fertilizer that has been specially designed for use in spring, fall and summer. It's gentle, effective formula works even in the hottest weather! Triple Play has extra iron (7%) in a readily available form. That means your plants absorb it quickly which effectively counteracts the leaching out effects of heavy irrigation during periods of drought. Like others in the Dr. Q's fertilizer line, Triple Play is an organic-based, natural fertilizer. It is perfectly balanced and is completely ground water safe. No other fertilizer line offered on the retail market today can truly make this claim!
Triple Play as well as all other fertilizers in the Dr. Q's Line contains a touch of Mycorrcin, a cutting edge product manufactured by Seasource, Inc., in New Zealand. This all-natural product contains "signaling molecules" (polysaccharides) and bacteriocins. These signaling molecules are the same elicitors that plants secrete from their cell walls to stimulate root growth. The bacteriocins are protein-like structures that kill certain pathenogenic bacteria. Simply put, Mycorrcin augments and stimulates soil microbes to provide natural defenses against nematodes, "bad bacteria" and hostile fungi.
Triple Play also has a natural soil pH adjuster of at least 3.2% leonardite, a non-plant food ingredient derived from plant and animal fossils. This combines with available sulfur to rapidly correct salty, alkaline or imbalanced soil conditions.
What the primary nutrients do for lawns: Grass needs nitrogen to produce and maintain healthy, green, actively growing blades. Phosphorus promotes strong root growth. Potash (potassium) is needed for strong plant structure and resistance to stress and disease.

How To Use Tips
Triple Play is ideally suited for use on everything you grow outdoors. Trees, shrubs, vines, ground covers, lawns, flowers and vegetables will thrive on a steady diet of Triple Play! Follow bag instructions and fertilize responsibly. After fertilizing, always give your plants a good drink of water. Plants are remarkably similar to humans in some ways. Have you ever tried eating a "dry meal"? When selecting shrubs, trees and vines for your yard, be sure you pick the right plant for the right place. Learn what your plants need, i.e., sun, shade, good drainage, rich soil, etc., and select accordingly. Each region of the country is different, especially in terms of soil content and climate. Check with your local nursery of University Cooperative Extension if you have questions.

Product Specifications
Total Nitrogen (N) = 7%
---4.1% ammoniacal nitrogen
---1.4% water soluble organic nitrogen
---1.5% water insoluble organic nitrogen
Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5) = 7%
Soluble Potash (Potassium)(K2O) = 7%
Calcium (Ca) = 7%
Sulfur (S) = 7%
Iron (Fe) = 7%
Manganese (Mn) = 0.30%
Zinc (Zn) = 0.30%
Derived from: blood meal*, feather meal, bone meal*, urea, ammonium phosphate, sulfate of potash, iron sulfate, iron sucrate, manganese sucrate, zinc sucrate.
PLUS: Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum)
Also contains non-plant food ingredients: 3.20% humic acids derived from leonardite
* Dr. Q's fertilizers contain food-grade blood and bone meal approved by the USDA for human consumption. No other fertilizer line can make this claim!

SKU 562512
Manufacturer Seasource
Size 20.0 lb.