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PVB Protector, Medium

FrostBite PVB Protector, Medium
Protect your PVB, backflow preventer from freezing temperatures.

Backflow Cover

FrostBite PVB Protector
The PVB Protector can be left on year-round in order to guard the plastic piping from being damaged by the intense sun radiation. These UV rays will also damage the bonnet and bell part of the PVB. Another great part of the design is the ability to lock it onto the PVB keeping vandals from turning your irrigation system off or stealing the Protector.
Most of the severe cold in the Las Vegas area is short term in nature, and catches our residents off guard. The Frostbite PVB Protector is a great backup for those times that the forecast doesnt foresee a deep freeze, yet one occurs. Frostbite Products also offers a Faucet Protector to keep outside hose faucets from freezing and cracking during a short term winter freeze. The Faucet protector fits snug onto the hose bib and runs to the wall providing this protection to piping without having to remove the hose!
Be ready this winter for cold snaps! Get Frost Bite PVB Protectors for your homes irrigation
system. Only at Star Nursery.
Small: 14 x 14
Medium: 18 x 18
Large: 24 x 20
Side Out, Medium: 18 x 18
SKU 985156
Manufacturer FrostBite
Color Tan
Size 18" x 18"