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Jobe's Smart Watering System Replacement Flo-Disks

Replacement Flo- Disk (3 Pack)

The Smart Watering System Flo-Disks are what regulate the water flow from the bottle and through the watering stake, making sure that your plant never gets over watered.
These Flo-Disks can be reused, but for the best results replace the Flo-Disks when more than 2” of water remains in bottle after 3 weeks. Be sure not to use Distilled or filtered water, as this may cause the water to drain too quickly into your plant and may cause over watering. For further details and tips on how Jobe’s Smart Watering System works check SKU#587220.
SKU 587221
Manufacturer Jobe's
Size 3 Replacement Flo-Disks