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3" Atrium Grate

3" Round Atrium Grate, Green Polyethylene. High-profile, fully vented fitting for use in areas where floating debris would obstruct flush-mount drain grates. Fits 3" drain, bell end and corrugated pipes.
Product Description
These fittings are designed for use with 3" & 4" inch PVC Drain Pipe. Installation is quick, easy and inexpensive. All fittings are pre-molded to fit standard sewers and drains, including catch basins and grates. The use of glue is optional, but quick drying PVC Pipe Cements can be used to speed up assembly time and form no-leak joints. All parts are corrosion free. Install drain lines at the bottom of grades or slopes, or next to sidewalks and driveways to prevent standing water or excessive run-off.

How To Use Tips
Use a layer of gravel over and under perforated drain/sewer pipe to speed drainage and prevent clogging of drain holes. It will also protect solid pipe from inadvertent shovel or cultivator damage. Use a border of large gravel around drain grates to act as a screen for smaller debris. Keep an outline of your drainage system on file to save time and irritation if you have to extend or modify it later. You probably won't need to remove your catch basin for cleaning, but you may need to remove it to extend or modify your system. Don't use glue when installing it! Check our line of 3" and 4" drain and sewer fittings when planning your project.
SKU 929228
Manufacturer Dura
Color Green
Size 3"