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Antelco Shrubbler, Full (0-13 gph)

Antelco Adjustable Shrubbler Drip Emitter with Barb, 0-13 GPH, Full Pattern. This 360° dripper has a patented flow adjustment. Rotate the cap to change flow and radius from gentle stream to drip to complete shutoff. Each click changes flow by about 1/2 GPH.
These drippers from Antelco are the original Shrubblers. They are non-pressure compensating and feature flow adjustment from 0 to 13 gallons-per-hour. When the cap is rotated the flow and radius adjust from a gentle stream pattern to drip to complete shutoff. The stake model is ideal for extending drippers from the main supply line and provides high visibility so you will know system is working properly. These drippers can also be taken apart and cleaned without removal from the drip line.
Use these versatile drip emitters in small pots, big tubs, planter boxes, garden beds and landscaped gardens. They are excellent for medium sized shrubs or ornamental plants with different water needs on a single system or for plants with small root zones that do not need multiple emitters. Remember that drip systems are designed to water infrequently, but for long periods. Rather than continually adjust flow, leave the flow rate the same and increase or decrease watering frequency depending on the season. Model #944140 and #944150 can be mounted directly into a 1/2" drip main line or use on the end of 1/4" drip feeder tubing with support stakes. Model numbers #944142 and #944152 have their own built in support stakes and are ideal for lateral runs from the main line. Elevating drippers keeps them free of debris and insects and lets you see that your system is working properly at all times. Its nice to see that you need some cleaning or adjustment before your plants start to turn brown!

Product Specifications
Working pressure range: 15 to 30 PSI
Material: UV resistant black plastic
SKU 944150
Manufacturer Antelco
Color Black
Size Full (0-13GPH)