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Apollo 8 Manifold

Orbit Adjustable 8-Outlet Drip Emitter. Proudly called the "Apollo 8 Manifold" and looks like it too! Like its smaller relative, this one is fully adjustable with individual flow controls for each outlet. Fits directly on 1/2" sprinkler riser.
Product Description
These unique multi-port emitters are proudly made in the USA! They feature compact size for above or below ground installation and a union body design for easy access to filter or pressure regulator disk without disturbing tubing. The individual watering ports have patented 90° swivel elbows for strong connections and directional versatility allowing easy access to above or below ground installations. The 4-outlet model is pressure regulated. It has a finger-adjustable dial with 6 water settings. On the 8-outlet model, individual flow adjustments to each outlet can be made with a thumbnail?no tools needed! Internal pressure reducers meter flow at an ideal rate for low-volume watering. Threaded caps provide a leak-proof seal when individual ports are not in use. Mount these manifolds directly on any poly or plastic sprinkler riser and use with 1/4" drip feeder line or laser soaker line.
These handy emitters are ideal for new installations or retrofit to existing sprinkler systems. Unlike cheap imitations, they are tough and resist breakage under the most severe conditions. Simply screw the manifold directly onto any poly or plastic sprinkler riser. It won't leak and no Teflon tape is needed. Push the 1/4" drip feeder line, laser soaker line or dripper line onto the swivel fittings. They work just like the typical barbed 1/4" drip fittings but have a threaded end for easy capping when not in use. When using the laser soaker line, be sure the arrows on the tubing point in the direction of the flow. If necessary, use handy wire stakes or clip on stakes to hold tubing in place or head it in different directions or bug-plug stakes to elevate the tubing and keep insects from crawling in the ends of your runs. See the illustrations below for complete installation instructions. If you don't need all 4 ports on each wmitter, just snap in the handy outlet plugs to seal off the unused ports. Plugs can be removed easily if you wish to add more drip line later. The emitters are fully adjustable for changes due to soil, season or plant types. Check the illustrations below to see what the installed emitters will look like.

8-Outlet Emitter:
- Flow rate from 0-25 GPH per outlet at 40 PSI
- Operating pressure: 10-100 PSI
- UV-stabilized ABS construction
- 1/2" FNPT inlet
- Pressure regulated
- Dimensions: 2-1/2" wide x 2 high"

SKU 950410
Manufacturer Orbit
Color Black
Size 8 outlet