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Lasco 3/4" Insert Tee BxBxB

Lasco 3/4" Insert Tee, BxBxB (Barb x Barb x Barb). Use with stainless steel clamps to splice vinyl drip tubing to pumps.
Product Description
Insert fittings are ideal for splicing vinyl drip tubing in water gardening and pond applications. All items which accept tubing will be listed with the size of tubing needed. Add water features to ponds, pumps and fountains, or link filters, fountainheads and pumps together quickly and easily with these fittings. Use the stainless steel clamps over the barbs, after placing in the vinyl tubing if needed.

How To Use Tips
Always use black vinyl tubing in water gardens. Clear tubing lets the light in, and algae problems can result. See our extensive list of pond accessories to create an elaborate, beautiful water garden.

Product Specifications
These insert fittings are produced from PVC Type 1, Cell Classification 12454-B. They meet all standards and specifications of ASTM D-2609.
SKU 919623
Manufacturer Lasco
Size 3/4"