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3/4" Brass Manual ASW

Aqualine Brand Brass Manual Anti-Siphon Valve without Union, 3/4". Features heavy-duty cast brass body and faucet style on/off handle for the do-it-yourselfers. Adapts easily to 3/4" PVC pipe and valves.
Product Description
Choose one of these reliable, economical anti-siphon valves to protect your water supply from in-ground, sprinkler system contamination. These valves prevent backflow of water into your household supply. This is particularly important when using fertilizer tablets in your sprinkler or drip system to fertilize plants every time the system operates.

How To Use Tips
Install valve 6-12 inches higher than the highest sprinkler. Backflow prevention devices face increased regulation that can vary dramatically from county-to-county, so be sure to check local plumbing codes before installing the system. Make sure you have the proper adapters to secure the valve to your PVC pipe. If using plastic, electric or manual models in direct sunlight, wrap it with reflective, foil-back wrap or other protective covering to retard deterioration of the plastic body. Use Teflon tape as thread sealant. In areas where freezing conditions occur, make provisions for draining your system. A good way to do this is to install a shut-off (gate) valve on the main line feeding the sprinkler system. Position the anti-siphon valve before the sprinklers and after the shut-off valve.

Product Specifications
These tough, long-lasting valves feature a heavy cast brass body, full flow control and anti-siphon combination in an operating range up to 150 psi. They are listed by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (UPC). Valves are featured with or without unions.

SKU 938010
Manufacturer Aqualine
Size 3/4"