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Rock Valve Box Cover, Sandstone

Simulated Rock Valve Box Cover, 25" x 21" x 22". Tough, flexible plastic valve and PVB cover looks just like a natural boulder. Gives UV-resistant protection from strong sunlight and insulates against frost and freezing temperatures.
Product Description
Use these covers to hide valves and PVB units. The extra space inside gives you room for valves and PVB units which may not sit low enough for conventional valve boxes. Valve boxes and covers are an important part of any irrigation system. They protect valves from the elements and keep dirt and debris from fouling valves and valve manifolds. They also provide easy access when valve repairs are needed.

How To Use Tips
Seat valve boxes a few inches in the ground and directly over your valves and manifolds. Natural soil warmth should be sufficient to provide winter protection under normal circumstances. Don't forget your anti-siphon valves or pressure vacuum breakers. Insulate them with foil back pipe wrap, heat tape, fiberglass insulation or wrap with old towels or cotton blankets.

Palette quantities available. Please call for more information.
SKU 939131
Manufacturer Orbit
Color Sandstone
Size 26"x19"x24"