Landscape Design Concepts

Our landscape design centers are here to assist you with creating a brand new or beautifully refreshed landscape. Let our experienced design team help you create the yard you’ve always envisioned. We’ll work with you to determine time preferences related to maintaining your yard, budget guidelines as well as plant materials likes and dislikes.

• Front, Back and Side Yard

• Kids’ Play Space

• Outdoor Entertaining

• Pet Areas

• Courtyard Entry

• Water and Fire Features

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The Landscape Design Center is always free with the purchase of a $250 gift card* per yard area.
The card is yours to use at any of our Nevada, Utah or Arizona locations on any product — From plants to rock to irrigation — everything you’ll need for your project.

Items to bring to your consultation


*Basic lot and house dimensions and locations. Please include directional orientation of all yard areas.

*Pictures of the area to be landscaped (Please remove dead plants or shrubs, hoses, furniture etc. before photographing the area). Bring a photo card, memory chip or 4×6 prints to your consultation.

*Additional pictures or images of landscapes you like (styles, plants, features, etc.)

*Your HOA approved planting list and guidelines(If applicable).

Your Landscape Design Concept

We’ll present you with a landscape picture, showing both before and after images, that you or your contractor can use for installation. We include a plant list, material list, and basic irrigation specs.

*Gift Card purchase made at the time of the appointment


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**If yes, please bring a copy of the landscape regulations(obtainable through your HOA office) to your appointment. **

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