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BURLAP 3' X 12'

Burlap 3' x 12'

Natural Rolled Burlap, 3' x 12'. This multi-purpose organic fabric is perfect for soil erosion control, carrying transplants, insulating plants from frost damage or keeping birds away from newly sown seed until it germinates.

Soil Erosion Control Burlap

Product Description
This material makes a light, airy, insulating wrap to protect plants from freezing. Use it as a carrier or root ball wrap when transplanting trees or shrubs. It's durable, natural and can be reused again and again. The burlap garden cloth (840390) can do triple duty as a leaf bag, plant carrier or plant cover.
Also check out our N-Sulate frost protection fabric to use in addition to burlap or by itself.

How To Use Tips
When covering or wrapping plants for protection from cold, use burlap instead of plastic. A plastic tent acts as a siphon on very cold nights, drawing warm air out and letting cold air in. While it will protect from frost, the air under a plastic tent is frequently colder than the air outside of it!
To keep Burlap in place, use DeWitt Anchor Pins.

SKU 840375
Manufacturer DeWitt
Color Natural
Size 3' x 12'