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14" Roll Top Rolled Fence

Panacea Rolled Border Fence, Green, 14"H x 20'L. Protect your border flowers from being stepped on with this roll top fence that will blend into the landscape.

Mfg# 89309
Product Description
Adorn your landscaping and protect your flowers using the Panacea Rolled Border Fence. Twisted steel creates the vertical rods of this fence, with straight horizontal rods intersecting them for support and style. Tall arches with the twisted effect top the horizontal rods, for added interest on the item. The green color blends easily with your landscaping, and the steel construction and powder coated finish offer weather resistance. The legs stake easily into the soil, and the convenient roll can be sized to fit around trees or shrubs if desired. Protect your favorite plants from being trampled with this Rolled Border Fence.

How To Use Tips
When planning your landscape design, do not forget the added touches of border fences. They can serve many purposes, to define and accent areas of your garden. These border fences can be anything under 24" tall, depending on your needs. An array of types and styles are available to choose from.
Post and rail types solid sturdy posts with solid rails or chains between linking the posts together. Open fence allowing views of the garden, yet creating a physical barrier.
Picket fence type evenly spaced vertical pickets, made from wood, vinyl or other materials, provide a traditional look to the border. This category can also include lattice style fencing, which is a standard crisscross pattern.
Wire border fences these are typically open in nature, and come in a variety of colors and styles. In general, they all provide open views of the garden, yet give a subtle sense of a barrier to keep unwanted traffic out of the garden.
Other ornamental metal border fences provide decoration and ornamentation as much as space definition. These can be used in small lengths, providing border to specific items or elements.
Solid border fence short solid fencing provides some privacy and can also be used as a wind screen for low growing delicate border plants. This can also include short stone walls, staked stone or manufactured panels.
The borders can either define the whole yard, or flower beds, separate areas like patios or lawns. Let climbing flowers and vegetables grow on the borders fences like morning glory or peas. Other plants like alyssum or lobellia can spill through openings. Where borders undulate, let taller plants poke above the low places, like zinnias. Whatever you choosehave fun and enjoy your garden!
SKU 847359
Manufacturer Panacea
Color Green
Size 14"H x 20'L