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5 ft Redwood Stake

Natural Redwood Stake, 1" W x 5'L. These long-lasting, natural redwood stakes will support a variety of plants and small trees.
Product Description
Redwood Stakes: Use long-lasting, natural redwood stakes to support a variety of plants and small trees.

How To Use Tips
Determine if a plant needs support or staking by looking at it and answering some simple questions: Is it top heavy? Does it move too much when the wind blows? Are the flowers or fruit lying on the ground? Not all plants need staking.
The proper stake should fit the size of the plant. Select sturdy, straight stakes. To help determine the size needed, know a little something about the growth pattern of your plant (ie: is it a tree, shrub or vine; how big will it get; is it annual, perennial, deciduous or evergreen). This will also help determine how much support and how many stakes you may need. Then think about how long the plant may need to be staked and select an appropriate stake type: wooden, bamboo, or plastic coated metal.
Stand the stake beside the plant to determine if it is the proper size. The stake should be at least 1 foot higher than the plant before it is set into the ground, longer with a larger diameter if you are staking a tree.
On new plants, place the stakes outside of the dripline of the plant (the imaginary circle on the ground that corresponds to the leaf canopy) and use a stake driver, hammer or a sledge to drive the stake into the ground. Stakes set inside the rootball, may damage the roots of the plant.
Drive the stake into the soil so that it is slightly lower than the height of the plant or lower than the bottom of tree canopy. By placing the stakes low, it will not be as obvious and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the plant rather than the support structure.
Before securing the plant to the new stakes, remove the nursery growing stake. Use tree ties or plastic coated wire to secure the plant to the stake. To prevent the wire from digging into the plant, place a section of garden hose over the wire to protect the bark. Simply slide the wire up through the garden hose before wrapping around plants. The tie should be attached loosely so that it doesn't cut into the bark or stem of the plant.
Secure the tie to the stake, not the plant. The tie material should begin at the stake, make the form of a figure 8 and be tied securely to the stake with a knot or twist. Again, the tie begins at the stake, loops around the plant, crosses over itself and ties to the stake.
SKU 871105
Manufacturer L & L
Color Redwood
Size 1" x 5'