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Wall Trellis Anchor Kit

Wall Trellis Anchor Kit , Bag of 90 Anchors. Can be adhered to masonry, wood, stucco, glass, concrete and more. Easy to use to train vines and shrubs to any surface. Versatile kit can be installed in many shapes. Contains enough materials to complete a 72 sq ft shape, simply lay out trellis design, adhere caps to surface and attach wire.
Product Description
No need to wrestle with unwieldy frames, the Tumax Wall Trellis Kit affixes directly to stucco, brick, concrete, wood, glass, plastic, and metal without damaging surfaces. The system is ideal for securing vines, shrubs, and climbing roses

How To Use Tips
Create your own trellises or espaliers simply! You can easily achieve professional results either by installing traditional shaped trellises, or designing your own trellis or espalier. The kit enables you to custom fit designs to fit any space desired, even accommodating curved surfaces!
Excellent for many different applications. Adheres to just about any surface including glass!
Kit includes:
90 anchors
175 ft. wire
1 tube of adhesive
Vinyl tape
Simply fill caps with enclosed glue, attach to wall where support is needed, attach wire and tie vine or shrub to cap with vinyl tape.

SKU 875321
Manufacturer Tumax
Size 72 sq. ft. shape