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Jump Start Grow Light System

The jump start Grow Light System is perfect for Seedlings, cuttings, veggies, greens, flowers and much much more!
Product Description
The Jumpstart high output T5 grow light system makes growth faster with a cooler operating T5 Daylight Spectrum Bulb. It is twice as efficient and has 20% more intensity than ordinary grow lights. Keep your plants healthy and growing robustly. has an easily adjustable height to ensure your light will remain close enough to your plants.

Perfect for use on seedlings, veggies, flowers, cuttings, greens, and much much more!

Very simple and quick assembly, that is sturdy, sleek, and durable system.

You can use with Emily's Garden and Jumpstart Seedling Heat Mats for increased yields. *Both sold Separately*
SKU 663010
Manufacturer JumpStart
Color Green
Size T5