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12-2 Low Voltage Lighting Wire, 50'

Low Voltage Lighting Wire, 12-Gauge, 2-Strand, 50-Foot Roll. Convenient, economical size for many residential low wattage runs. Keep extra on hand to splice in when needed. Keep lamp load to a maximum of 192 watts.
About Low-Voltage Lighting Wire
Low voltage wire for landscape lighting projects comes in gauges (sizes) 16, 14, 12, 10 and 8. A larger number, means a smaller wire diameter. Use 16-gauge wire for short runs only. The 12-gauge wire is best for most low voltage runs. The 8-gauge wire is the most expensive but is the best to use for very long cable runs. Some sizes are also available in convenient 50-foot and 100-foot packages.

How To Use Tips
Wiring should always be multi-strand which is cooler and safer to use. Our wire is suitable for direct burial. Installation in PVC or metal conduit is recommended for maximum life of wire. If voltage drops below 10.5V at any fixture, a larger gauge wire or multi-volt transformer should be used.
SKU 996315
Manufacturer Coleman
Color Black
Size 12-2 / 50'