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Three Tier Walklight, 11 watt, Sand

Malibu Metal Three Tier Garden Light, 11 watt with Bulb. Economical lighting fixture. Classic design blends into the landscape while giving elegance to garden and safety and security to the home.
Mfg# 8303920001 (formerly: CL191S)
Size: 11.5" x 6"
Color: Sand
Product Description
This Malibu Metal Classic Three Tier Light will add elegance to any yard. Architectural Grade premium cast metal construction with a sand finish. Attaches to any low voltage cable with a quick clamp system.

How To Use Tips
Always replace burned out bulbs quickly. If not replaced, they place a load on other bulbs that can result in bulb failure throughout the entire run. Save money and headaches later by using heavier gauge low-voltage cable now! We recommend a minimum of 12-gauge wire for all but the shortest, or light wattage runs. You can expand your system or up size wattages without having to replace the cable. If voltage drops below 10.5v at any fixture, heavier gauge wire or a multi-volt transformer should be used.
See #996127 for replacement bulbs, 11 watt wedge base bulb.

SKU 995506
Manufacturer Malibu
Color Sand
Size 11 watt