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6 inch Classic Pot Evergreen

A classic pot that looks great indoors or out
This classic planter has an easy to grip rim around its top making it easier to pick up and move around your home. With its traditional looks and natural colors this pot can be used easily for indoor or outdoor decoration. the drainage holes at the bottom help prevent the plant from getting too much water. Also available are our Deep Saucers(sold separately) in several sizes to compliment the different sized planters.

Comes in two colors Clay and Evergreen.

How To Use Tips
When transplanting to a new container, don't get one that's too big. A good rule of thumb is a container 1-1/2 to 2 times larger than the original pot, and about 6 inches deeper or taller than the original. A plant can "get lost" in an overly large pot and devote its growth exclusively to root expansion while its top just sits there and looks at you! When re-potting, be sure your plant and the potting soil are equally moistened. This will prevent dry spots, uneven watering and plant stress. When you remove a plant from its original container, examine its roots. If they are girdled (wrapped in a tight circular pattern), lightly loosen the root ball before re-planting, or use a razor blade to lightly cut (don't slash deeply into the root ball) the roots on all 4 sides (North-South-East-West). Water and nutrients will then be available to all parts of the plant and its roots will spread into the new potting mix. If you want to try to root cuttings from your plants, use new growth, remove all but the top leaves, dip in Rootone, and plant in a good seed starting mix. Keep in bright, indirect light until roots are established, then move to the plant's normal habitat. Designer pottery makes excellent cachepots. Use an inexpensive pot for planting and place it in a larger decorative pot for that special look! In areas with hard water, use pottery sealer on the inside of the pot to prevent calcium deposits and other minerals from "bleeding through" and leaving unsightly residues on the outside surface. To protect your inside floors from scratches and water spots check our saucers and Cork mats. If you have a large pot which needs to be moved often look at our Plant Caddies.
SKU 850602
Manufacturer Myers
Color Evergreen
Size 6"