Bottle Tree

Brachychiton populneus

  • Category:Shade Trees
  • Mature Height:50′
  • Mature Width:30′
  • Light Requirements:Full Sun
  • Water Requirements:Medium, supplemental water in summer
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The bottle tree gets its name from the distinctive shape of its trunk: It tapers like a bottle, widening at the bottom of the trunk. As it grows, the bottle shape becomes less prominent. The trees are also commonly called Kurrajong. This Australian native is a popular choice for shade in park areas or public spaces and in large residential landscapes. Plant in rows as a privacy screen or wind screen in large spaces. Bottle tree will grow in a pyramidal shape while young, with the canopy widening as it matures. Trees have very dense, dark green foliage. In early summer, clusters of white bell-shaped flowers with pink dots emerge. After flowering finishes, very distinctive boat-shaped seed pods emerge in late-summer and fall. The fuzzy texture on the seed pods is considered an irritant to some people. Bottle tree is susceptible to cotton root rot, so it should not be planted in areas with this heavy disease pressure.

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