Rio Grande Ash

Fraxinus velutina ‘Rio Grande’

  • Category:Drought TolerantShade Trees
  • Mature Height:50′
  • Mature Width:30′
  • Light Requirements:Full Sun
  • Water Requirements:Regular Water
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Those living in hot regions welcome shade when temperatures soar and relief is nowhere in sight. Send a Fan-Tex Ash to the rescue! Spreading upright to 50’ tall and 30’ wide with an ample canopy of dark green foliage that resists wind burn, drought, cold, desert and intermountain conditions, this fast growing deciduous southwestern native could be just what the doctor ordered. Growing as quickly as 36” in a season, its attractively fissured gray to brown trunk and leathery green leaves that turn golden yellow in the fall make it an excellent shade, street, or lawn tree. It thrives on full sun and needs medium amounts water. Sunset Western Garden Book suggests these for zones 3b-24. It will attract butterflies and birds in the spring when its insignificant flowers appear. One of Boething Treeland’s most popular trees, we grow them in 15 gallons, 24” and 36” boxes.

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