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Star Nursery carries a wide variety of Decorative Landscape Rock and Soils for your home and garden! We offer several different types of rock, mined from all over the southwest region (Arizona, Nevada and Utah).


We have a multitude of sizes and colors to help accent and beautify your home, garden and landscape. Our Decorative Rock sizes range from a 3/8" minus (fines) to a 3/8", 1/2", 1" and 2-4" screened rock. We also carry a large selection of boulders, in various sizes and colors, flagstone (graded and patio) in a variety of colors, as well as three different sizes of Arizona River Rock.


Our Rock Yards also have a variety of Sands and Soils to help with all of your planting and gardening needs. From Natural Landscape Sand to Topsoil and Organic Compost, we have the products and materials you want for a healthy, beautiful yard and garden!


For added convenience, you may purchase our Decorative Rock and Soils at any of our many locations, and even browse samples of them online in our galleries. We also offer delivery of any one or more of our products, which can be set up at time of purchase. Our sales associates can answer any questions you might have and will be happy to assist you with your purchase. Please click the links above, where you will find a list of product descriptions and images we carry in each of the three regions we now serve.


For further information, please stop by any of our Star Nursery locations and speak to a sales associate.


For information on rock size and coverage per sq. ft. click HERE!