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Sod Knife

The Organic Tool Company Sod Knife. Designed to cut sod or grape vines. Plastic handle with 3" blade.
How To Use Tips
By laying sod you can have an instantly grassy and lush yard. You can install sod yourself, although it does require planning and work.
Order the sod, so that you can lay it as soon as the ground is prepared. But do not have it delivered or pick it up before preparations are complete; sod rots if it sits in the sun for too long before you lay it. For best results, plan on laying sod the same day it arrives. Lay the sod along the longest straight line from back to front. Work from this line to avoid stepping on the freshly placed sod. Butt edges and ends together tightly. Lay strips of sod in a brick pattern to minimize visible lines while it establishes. Avoid splicing curved and angled areas with small pieces and strips. The bigger the piece, the better it will root. Use a sharp sod knife to make clean, defined edges around trees, sprinklers and contours. Use a water roller to insure good sod contact with the ground after installation.

Be cautious when using a knife or sharp implement.

Refer to Star Note # 805 Planting a New Lawn from Sod

SKU 719929
Manufacturer Organic Tools