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Soil Magic Gypsum, 40 lb.

Soil Magic Lawn and Garden Gypsum, 40 lb. bag. Gypsum (calcium sulfate) is a good economical source of calcium and sulfur and can be beneficial in improving the soil structure. It is sometimes used on soils that are alkaline. However, gypsum is not a liming material because it does not correct soil acidity.
- Free calcium component helps leach sodium from soil, transforming hard, poorly draining alkaline soil to loose, aerated, workable soil
- Use liberally with organic soil amendments at the time of planting
- Better water penetration promotes deeper root systems
- Improves air and water circulation
- Helps save water and reduce plant stress
- Gypsum is non-irritating and will not burn roots

Can be used on lawns, in the garden with vegetables, flowers and perennials, and around trees and shrubs!
Gypsum is the best way to supply calcium to soil and roots below cultivation depth.
Gypsum (CaSO42h20) 80%
Calcium (Ca) 18.6%
Sulfur (S) 14.9%

Derived from Mined Gypsum.

SKU 579400
Manufacturer Western Organics
Size 40 lb.