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Star Seminars

Star Seminars


Gardening with Success!

Join us for either a season seminar or special event and learn more about gardening.  We offer a variety of classes that are suited for the seasons. The more you know – The more you’ll grow!

Free Star Seminars are held at all of our Star Nursery locations.  You are welcome to attend with no reservations required.  A schedule can be found at any location as well as online.


10am  & 2pm


Saturday, January 16 – Shade Tree Selection & Care

Saturday, January 23 – Preparing for your Spring Vegetable Garden

Saturday, January 30 – Winter Pruning

Saturday, February 6 – Frost Damaged Yards

Saturday, February 20 – Vegetable & Herb Gardening

Saturday, March 5 – Flower Gardening

Saturday ,March 19 – Getting the Most out of Your Irrigation System

Saturday, June 4 – Summer Lawn Care

Saturday, June 18 – Understanding Drip Systems

Saturday, July  2 – Cooling Your Yard for the Summer

Saturday, July 16 – Patio Gardening

Saturday, August 6 – Cactus & Succulents

Saturday, August 20 – Desert Soils & Amendments

Saturday, September 3 – Fall Rose Gardening

Saturday, September 24 – Fall Veggie & Herb Gardening

Saturday, October 1 – Fall is for Planting Fruit & Shade Trees

Saturday, October 15 – Cool Season Flowers

Saturday, October 29 – Landscaping Lighting

Saturday, November 5 – Colorful Fall Plants

Saturday, November 19 – Winterizing Your Landscape

Saturday, December 3 – Christmas Tree Selection & Care

Saturday, December 17 – Frost Protection

Saturday, January 7 – Rose Care & Pruning


Kid’s Garden Club

Looking for something educational and fun for your children…  Visit any one of our 14 Star Nursery Garden Centers located in Southern Nevada, Southern Utah and Northern Arizona and learn…

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Your Spring Planting Partners

CHOOSE THE RIGHT PLANT FOR THE RIGHT PLACE. Make sure you’ve chosen a plant that will do well where you intend to plant it. It’s also important to keep ultimate…

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#605 Fertilizer Mixture for Established Roses

#605 Fertilizer Mixture for Established Roses A good Practice for better landscapes THE “STAR POTION” FOR ROSES   1 cup: Soil Sulfur 1/3 cup: Epsom Salts Plus 1/2 cup: Superphosphate…

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House Plants

Making a resolution to get healthier? Well don’t forget to add cleaning up the air in your home to your get-healthy checklist. Houseplants are a great way to add some…

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#500 Fruit Tree Selection

#500 Fruit Tree Selection How to select and grow the very best   Southwest deserts provide excellent climates for growing many kinds of fruit. Many of the most common fruit trees…

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