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Unhulled Bermudagrass Seed, 2 lb.

Wonderlawn Brand Unhulled Bermudagrass, 2 lb. bag. Turf-type blend produces a durable, wear and drought tolerant turf in a broad range of soil conditions. Certified free of noxious weeds. Covers up to 600 sq ft.
Product Description
Bermudagrass seed makes a superior turf, especially in hot, sunny climates. It's tough, durable and fills in readily if worn completely down! The seed is quite small so a little goes a long way. The coverages listed are for newly seeded areas. Over seeding will double the coverage! Plant Bermuda in late spring through summer. It won't sprout until the soil has been properly warmed by the sun. Keep the grass mowed to a 1" height. Bermudagrass goes dormant in late fall and stays brown until mid to late spring. To keep the lawn green during the cool seasons, over seed with annual or perennial ryegrass seed which will die out when the heat returns. Our bermudagrass seed is certified free of noxious weeds. Germination rate is 80%.

Hulled bermudagrass is seed that has had the outer coat removed. It is typically planted in summer at a rate of 1 - 2 lb. per 1000 square feet. Unhulled seed can be planted at a rate of 3 - 5 lb per 1000 sq feet in fall. It simply waits for good growing conditions before it sprouts. In my opinion you'd be better off using hulled seed in early summer. When the soil is warm in June it will come up uniformly and will be easy to care for.

How To Use Tips
Bermudagrass spreads by both surface runners (some folks mistakenly call it "crabgrass") and underground rhizomes. It's easy to grow, easy to maintain and needs much less water than other turf grasses. While you will find improved turf-type Bermuda seed like Barmuda, "Sahara", and "Cheyenne" on the market, don't expect to see any hybrid dwarf seed varieties available. Dwarf-types like "Tifgreen" and "Tifdwarf" are sterile and are sold and planted as sod or stolons (root pieces) only. The spreading qualities of bermudagrass make it ideal for high traffic turf areas. Its outstanding heat tolerance and disease resistance make it the perfect choice for hot, sunny climates. Without water during summer, bermudagrass goes dormant (brown) but greens up quickly when the rains return or irrigation water is applied. In warm areas like the Southeast or Southwest, the winter dormant period usually lasts from mid November through March. Bermudagrass looks its best when cut with a reel-type mower. To keep it vigorous, install a power rake blade on your power mower and remove excess thatch every couple of years during the dormant season.
SKU 630220
Manufacturer Barenbrug
Size 2 lb.