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Max-Flo Waterfall Pump 1500 GPH

Laguna Max-Flo Waterfall and Filter Pump, PT-344, 1500 GPH. The pump is ideal for use with filtration systems and for creating waterfalls and watercourses.
Product Description
The Laguna Max-Flo 1500 Waterfall & Filter Pump is designed to process water loaded with moderate amounts of solid particles (or solids) and transport these suspended solids to suitable external filter systems (including pressurized filters) which then trap any debris that could potentially pollute pond water, effectively filtering the pond.
The uniquely-shaped pump cage allows the passage of solids sized up to 1/4 inch (6.3 mm). As always, the pump motor is unequalled in the pond industry for its ability to generate an astounding amount of water flow reliably and continuously at low energy-efficient costs. This is great news for consumers who are wary of costly hydro bills. You really get great bang for your buck. The pump is ideal for use with filtration systems and for creating waterfalls and watercourses.

How To Use Tips
Water gardens are easy, attractive and inexpensive. Anyone can have a water garden, pond or water feature, regardless of yard shape or size. You can even have a pond on your porch or patio! With a little planning and a small amount of effort, you can enjoy the relaxing effects and beauty that a pond can bring. It can be a simple as a wooden tub and pump, or elaborate and complicated with streams, waterfalls and fountains. A little imagination can take you a long way.
The ideal location for a pond is an area with morning sun and afternoon shade or filtered sun. Choose a spot as level as possible and safe from irrigation or rainwater runoff. Decide on the size of your pond and put it where you can enjoy it as much as possible. Due to shipping and size constraints, the selection of preformed ponds is limited. It's easy to use a heavy-duty pond liner to construct your own pond in nearly any size or shape. A Pitcher Pond is the perfect choice for porch or patio. Get exercise with pond installation then enjoy the relaxing sound or gurgling water at your beck and call!
Try to find a location where the pond will be free from falling leaves and twigs. The larger or deeper the pond, the easier it is to maintain. Water temperature is more stable throughout the year, providing a better environment for fish and plants. A shady location has the added benefit of preventing algae formation. Dig the hole a little larger than the size of your pond shell or liner. Place a layer of sand or topsoil between the pond and native soil. It provides a cushion that protects against damage caused by expansion and water pressure when the pond is filled. Check our complete line of pond filters and water treatments for algae control, sludge reduction and ammonia elimination. The cute, functional pond ornaments will make your pond the talk of the neighborhood!

Product Specifications
Max flow rate is 3000 U.S. GPH/ 11,356 LPH
Recommended Pond Size is 1500 to 3000 U.S. Gal./ 5,678 to 11,356 L
It comes complete with a Universal "Click-fit" coupling for 3/4", 1" & 1-1/4" (19, 25 & 32 mm) hosing
1-1/2" (25 mm) diameter "Click-fit" hose coupling
16 ft/5 m electrical cord
100 W
SKU 991055
Manufacturer Laguna
Size 1500 GPH