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#135 Summer Stress in the Desert

#135 Summer Stress in the Desert The top four causes and some cures Improper Plant Selection Improper Plant Location Improper Fertilization Other Summer Problems Preventing Summer Plant Stress in the…

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Your Planting Partners

CHOOSE THE RIGHT PLANT FOR THE RIGHT PLACE. Make sure you’ve chosen a plant that will do well where you intend to plant it. It’s also important to keep ultimate…

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Star Seminars

Star Seminars   Gardening with Success! Join us for either a season seminar or special event and learn more about gardening.  We offer a variety of classes that are suited…

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Kid’s Garden Club

Looking for something educational and fun for your children…  Visit any one of our 14 Star Nursery Garden Centers located in Southern Nevada, Southern Utah and Northern Arizona and learn…

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Wrap It Up

Because we reduce our watering to one day per week during the winter, most people don’t think about routine maintenance. Once the daytime highs drop below 60 degrees, we need…

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