5 Essential Tips For Growing Succulents

Succulents are fun and can add a fresh and trendy edge to any indoor or outdoor space!
They’re easy to mix and match, since they all have similar light and water requirements.
Here are some tips to ensure your succulent growing success!

Tip #1
Use sandy, well-draining soil.
Succulents don’t perform well in a traditional potting soil so be sure to look for a soil that is specifically for cactus & succulents.

Tip #2
Empty drain plate after watering.
Soggy roots are a recipe for succulent death.
If container doesn’t have holes in the bottom for water to drain out, place a layer of gravel or rock in the bottom.

Tip #3
Let soil dry out between watering.
Indoor succulents can go weeks between watering, possibly months!
Outdoor specimens will need to be watered every week to month depending on sun exposure and temperature.

Tip #4
Place them in bright direct or indirect light.
Succulents will not perform as well if placed in a shady or low light location.

Tip #5
Make sure there is adequate airflow surrounding plants.
Terrariums are a fun way to display succulents, just remember to keep the top of the container open to allow air to the plants.

Succulents are one of the easiest and forgiving plants you can grow and they make great gifts too! Have Fun!