A Year of Spectacular Color

It seems there is a belief that year-round color in your yard is difficult to achieve. And although in some extreme conditions, it may be challenging, it is not impossible.

With a little planning, each season can greet you with beautiful color and variety.

Not all color needs to come from annual flowers. There are many evergreens, perennials, and deciduous trees that provide color as the seasons change. Creating an ever changing, interesting landscape, ready to thrill you with each passing month.

Fall Color

Shall we start with fall? There are several deciduous trees that promise to have you craving pumpkin lattes, caramel apples and mulling spices as you witness their leaves turning from green to fiery hues of yellow, orange, and vibrant reds.

Winter Beauties

Winter does not have to be a season without color. After all, parts of the desert southwest have only a short period, if any, where the temperatures fall below freezing. And even then, protecting with burlap is usually enough to protect from frost damage. So, peer out your window and admire all the beauty.

Early Spring Show Stoppers

Spring seems to get all the notice and why shouldn’t it? The early blossoms and colors of fruits trees tell the world (and pollinators) it is time to wake up from their winter slumber. Some bloom early and only once while others bloom all the way through summer into fall.

Spring into Summer

Summer Dazzlers