Our Services

As your Garden’s Partner for every bloomin’ thing, we want you to be successful.  If you are looking for information or services that can help enhance your outdoor living space or dedicated garden area, we can help you.  Listed below are various services we offer at Star Nursery.

House Calls

          Many residents just need someone to walk their property, make notes of problems and then provide the solutions. That’s exactly what happens when you purchase a $90 House Call at any of our stores. We’ll send out one of our plant experts to assess your yard and quickly get you back on track.

Landscape Design Concepts

          Many homeowners just need a starting point when it comes to making their dream yard come true. Our designers are here to help you envision your landscape, look at native plants and trees and then create a before and after visual rendering for you or your contractor to utilize.

Tool Rentals

          We have all the tools you’ll need when tackling any yard project, through both our in-store equipment stock and our partnership with Ahern Rentals. Many weekend yard warriors only need a tool for a day or two and we can help with most of your project needs.