Dr. Q’s House Calls

Have you ever gotten frustrated because you have a problem with your plants or landscaping that nobody seems to be able to help you with? Or, maybe you have taken samples of a problem into a nursery and asked three different people what was wrong and gotten three different answers. Well, sometimes it’s very difficult to diagnose a problem without seeing the entire picture. Just like a medical doctor trying to determine an ailment; besides the physical examination, there needs to be many questions asked and answered in order to get to the correct diagnosis. Samples and pictures are a great help in making these determinations, but sometimes even they are not enough.

There are many factors that affect plant health. There are the more obvious ones like sunlight, soil, water, fertilizer and insects. But, there are also less obvious factors that are just as important, such as diseases, wind, proximity to other plants or buildings, drainage or compaction of the soil, and the types of irrigation components used.

All of these factors, and more, interact to affect plants and sometimes you have to see how they all interact together before you can determine a solution to a problem. That is exactly why Star Nursery has started our House Call service! We want to be able to get to the “roots” of your problems to help you become better gardeners. Since we started this program, we have been able to help many people resolve their problems much quicker by getting a closer look at more of the factors that may be causing the problems.

So, if you have not been able to get the answers you’ve been looking for, or just need some special help to diagnose your problems, we will come out to your home to make a first-hand inspection and give you a prescription for what you need. Whether you have a specific problem or just want someone to give you some good advice about your yard or landscape, you can have us, Dr. Q and Joey Lynn to come to your home, for a service fee of $90, for up to one hour of consultation. With years of experience in horticulture and an International Society of Arboriculture certification, we will be able to help you!

To set up an appointment email housecalls@starnursery.com