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Desert Gardening News podcast hosts, Madalyn Watt and Joey Lynn Watt

Welcome, desert gardeners! Since 1983, Star Nursery has been dedicated to providing our local communities with expert advice. Now, we’re bringing that advice straight to you – wherever you are! Join us once a month, as we share our love for Southwest gardening and offer seasonal tips to keep your garden happy and healthy. Whatever your skill or experience level, we hope to help you find success, despite the challenges of our climate.

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Episode List

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Ep. 1 – Desert Gardening 101

Tune into the first episode of Desert Gardening News hosted by staff horticulturalist and Certified Arborist, Joey Lynn, and co-host Madalyn. In this episode, they uncover the basics of gardening in the desert, the challenges that gardeners face when growing plants in this environment, and how the Colorado River Compact will influence the future of Southwest landscapes.

Ep. 2 – Starting Your Vegetable and Herb Garden

Are you a fan of fresh, homegrown produce? If you’re just starting out your vegetable and herb garden, you won’t want to miss this episode, where staff horticulturist, Joey Lynn, shares the secrets for a successful vegetable and herb garden in the arid desert Southwest climate. Learn all about starting your garden with the right soil and light conditions to make sure your chosen varieties grow their absolute best.

Ep. 3 – What You NEED To Know About Landscape Regulations

If you’re looking to save water, time, and money in your landscape, you won’t want to miss the latest episode of the Desert Gardening News podcast. Hosted by gardening experts, Dr. Q and Joey Lynn, this episode discusses the hot topic of lawn conversions, a process that involves replacing water-intensive grass with more sustainable landscaping options. But what does a lawn conversion actually entail? Dr. Q and Joey Lynn dig into the details, providing listeners with valuable insights and practical advice on how to make the switch. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a curious novice, tune in to learn more about how to transform your space into a more sustainable environment.

Ep. 4 – How To Prepare a Desert Garden For Summer

Wondering if your plants will survive the scorching desert Southwest heat this summer? Join our team of experts in this episode, as they guide you through ways to protect your garden from summer heat stress. Get the secrets to properly preparing your garden and implementing proper irrigation techniques to keep your garden healthy all season long. Tune in to our podcast every month for a wealth of desert gardening information that will help you become an expert desert gardener.

Ep. 5 – June Gardens: Supporting Pollinators and Harvesting

Join the Desert Gardening News team this month as we unlock the secrets of maximizing your garden’s potential in June. Learn more about specific types of pollinators and how to welcome them into your garden to support your environment, as well as which plants will be ready for harvest this month. Get ready to explore the wonders of the garden this month… your journey awaits!

Ep. 6 – Fighting Summer Fungus in the Desert

Did you know that fungus is an expected threat to desert gardens in the summer? From rusts to smuts and mildew, your landscape are battling outbreaks of all sorts. These infections can be deadly and hard to spot. This month, join our Desert Gardening News team as they dig deep into the world of fungi and teach you how to combat these mycological menaces!