Living in the Desert means needing the right amount of Irrigation all year. At Star Nursery we want to educate our customers on how to best take care of their yards without over or underwatering plants, shrubs, and flowers. We sell a range of brands such as RainBird, Weathermatic, Rachio, Flexrake,  Orbit, and much more. Check out our stores for pricing and more information.


Here are a few of the types of sprinklers we carry:

• 2″ Pop Up – Rainbird
• 1804 4″ Pop Up – Rainbird
• 903 3″ Pop Up
• 4″ Pop Up with Undercut Brass Nozzle
• Orbit Brass Pop Up
• Rainbird Gear Driven Sprinkers


Here are a few of the types of Valves we carry:

• Irritrol Electric Valve
• Rainbird Electric Valve
• 1″ Rainbird Commercial Valve
• Electric Hit Valve
• Weathermatic Electric Valve


Here are a few of the types of Controllers we carry:

• Toro Lawn Master
• BeeHive Wifi Timer
• Rachio Timer
• Rainbird Controller

Drip Irrigation

Here are a few Drip irrigation Items we carry:

• 1/4″ Drip Tubing
• 1/2″ Drip Tubing
• Flag Emitters
• PC Emitters
• Shrubblers
• Rainbird Drip Emitters
• Drip Couplings
• Drip Tees
• Drip Elbows