Spring Event Schedule

For over 40 years, Star Nursery has been growing in our local communities. Since the beginning, we’ve remained steadfast in our commitment to providing gardeners with the right prices and the best advice. Join us for some bloomin’ fun this spring with Star Nursery’s exciting events. We’re not just growing plants; we’re growing good times!

Saturday, April 6th, 2024

FREE Ladybug Day

You’re invited!

Mark your calendars! On Saturday, April 6th, snag a FREE 150 count pouch of Ladybugs with any purchase at all Star Nursery locations.

Ladybugs AKA lady beetles or ladybird beetles are considered a beneficial bug consuming crop-damaging, soft bodied insects. Aphids are the most common prey and one ladybug can consume up to 60 aphids per day! Grab your FREE Ladybugs on April 6th!

Tips for a successful ladybug launch:

• Keep ladybugs in a cool shady place until you’re ready to release them.

• We recommend releasing them at sunset to prevent them from flying away.

• When you release them, open up the top of the package and place the package on its side in an area you want them spending time in.

• If you spray a little water on the plants in the area before you release them, it will preoccupy them until they find a food source.

• Enjoy watching them go to work on your garden.

Come on, get planting with Star Nursery– your garden’s partner for every bloomin’ thing!