Hairloom Brandywine Tomato

Lycopersicon Lyco ‘Heirloom Brandywine’

• Mature Height:    5′
• Mature Width:  4′
• Light Requirements:   Afternoon shade
• Water Requirements:   Regular water
• Fertilizers:   Dr Q’s Vegetable & Tomato Food, 6-10-6, Dr Q’s Organic Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Food, 5-8-4

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Dating back to 1885, this heirloom wins most flavor contests. This potato-leafed Plants produces large, 1 pound tomatoes with superb flavor. Give afternoon shade, rich well drained soil, regular water. Protect young Plants from frost with Hot Caps. Use Blossom Set Spray to help hold flowers on and increase yield. Support Vines with stakes or tomato cages to keep the fruit off the ground and avoid pests and diseases. Use mulch to cool soil and retain moisture in summer. 90 days to harvest