2024 Pruning Seminars

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During the cold, winter months, many plants will experience a period of rest, also known as “dormancy.” As plants rest, gardeners have the perfect window of opportunity to conduct seasonal pruning, which will encourage vigorous growth during the spring season!

If you’re not sure what or how to prune, look no further… Our resident experts are hosting a FREE pruning seminar, just for you! In the seminar, you’ll learn all about seasonal pruning for roses, fruit trees, and deciduous trees, AND you’ll have a chance to get one-on-one advice from our experts!

Why should you prune?

Pruning is essential for plant health because it allows for the removal of dead, damaged, and diseased plant parts that may be causing excess stress or energy loss. This practice can be used for aesthetic or maintenance purposes, including controlling the size and shape of a plant, training young plants, and influencing fruit and flower production!

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