#605 Fertilizer Mixture for Established Roses

A good Practice for better landscapes

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1 cup: Soil Sulfur

1/3 cup: Epsom Salts Plus

1/2 cup: Superphosphate

1/2 cup: Cottonseed Meal

Mix together well and use this mixture for each Rose Bush. Gently work into the top 2” of soil around each rose bush. This mixture will “wake-up” the rose bush and should be done in January. Follow up with rose fertilizer in 3 to 4 weeks.

These ingredients will do the following to improve the soil and health of rose bushes.

Soil Sulfur – Roses are acid loving plants. The sulfur lowers the pH level counteracts the alkali, and enables plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Epsom Salts Plus – Provides essential magnesium and stimulates new cane growth from the crown or bud union.

Superphosphate – The main nutrient for formulation of large healthy blooms.

Cottonseed Meal – A source of slow-release, fully organic nitrogen. Cottonseed meal provides just enough “food” to assist roses with leaf formation without interfering with primary spring bud development.

Note: TThis mixture is for established roses already planted in the ground, for 1 year or more. For new planting information, refer to STARNOTE 520, “Rose Selection, Care and Planting” for tips on growing the best ever.