#610 Fertilizer Mixture for Established Fruit Trees

A good practice for better landscapes

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1 pound: 21-0-0 (High Nitrogen Fertilizer)

1 cup: Soil Sulfur

1/3 cup: Epsom Salts Plus

1/2 cup: Superphosphate

1/2 cup: Cottonseed Meal

Mix together well. Use according to the following directions:
For Trees planted one full year— use 1/2 cup per tree.
For Trees planted two years—use 1 cup per tree.
For Trees planted 3 years or more—use 1/2 cup for each inch of trunk diameter per tree.

This mixture should be uniformly applied around the drip line of trees in late January to early February, before new growth appears.

These ingredients will do the following to improve the soil and health of fruit trees:

High Nitrogen Fertilizer (21-0-0) – Supplies the tree with needed nitrogen for plant growth, and will “wake – up” the tree.

Soil Sulfur – The sulfur lowers the soil pH level, counteracts the alkali, and enables plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Epsom Salts – Provides essential magnesium and stimulates new branch growth.

Super Phosphate – The main nutrient for formulation of large healthy fruit.

Cottonseed Meal – A source of slow-release, fully organic nitrogen. Cottonseed meal provides just enough “food” to assist fruit trees with leaf formation without interfering with primary spring bud development.

Note: This mixture is for established fruit trees already planted in the ground. For new planting information, refer to StarNote 500, “Fruit Tree Selection, Planting and Care”, for easy tips on how to grow the best ever.